Bike Sharing Solution

Yunba bike sharing solution provide smart lock, APP, management system.

Electronic Label Solution

Yunba electronic label with high definition displays, supports text, promotion, QR code or barcode and can be reused with no paper required. It can be used for different application, such as the retails, warehouses and logistics management etc.

Kick Scooter Sharing Solution

Yunba kick scooter sharing solution provide smart lock, APP, management system.

GPS Tracker Solution

Combined with the GPS global positioning system and GSM communication technology, our tracker can locate the accurate positioning of the remote target. Users can obtain tracker real-time position via multiple terminal (computer, mobile phone, app, WeChat)

Smart Parking System

Intelligent parking lock gives each idle parking space an independent intelligent attribute, and realizes the management of each parking space through the intelligent module communication in the lock, so as to realize the sharing of the parking space.

MQTT Broker

Enterprise ready MQTT broker, high concurrency, low latency, cluster supported.

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