GPS Tracker Solution

GPS Tracker Solution

GPS Tracker

Combined with the GPS global positioning system and GSM communication technology, our tracker can locate the accurate positoning of the remote target. The locator adopts the method of timing reprting position, which make its average standby power consumption fall to 2~3 mAh. Tracker can be free of charge for three years with a 2000mAh battery. Users can obtain tracker realtime position via multiple terminals(computer, monile phone, App, WeChat)


Realtime route

SOS alert report

Eletronic fences

External power cut off alarm

Low power consumption

Historical data

PRS/WCDMA communication

Mobile tracking app

Free of charge for 3 years

Management System

The infrastructure design of the system provides the guarantee of high concurrency communication for system. Our system has the experience of dealing with massive concurrent requests, which makes us to monitor the location of millions of terminials with low latency.

Features of management system

Multiple devices monitor the realtime location

Monitor the historical position track in real time

Monitor more than a million terminals with low latency

Electronic fences, alarm if it exited the area

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